Discover How the Best Bodies in the World Get & Stay Looking Great ... Easily 
Your Ideal Body Made Easy...
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In this Workshop You'll Learn:
• The 6 facets needed for an ideal body according to top nutritionists 
 The 4 layers they must be applied to equally to make it real 
• How healing & developing play equal roles in body composition
 My 2 secrets which make having your perfect body effortless
+ BONUS: the real deal on how "thinking positively" is so hard & the way to solve it.
What makes fitness so effortless to some? Why when you eat right and workout you don't get to your ideal weight? How are some people able to achieve their goals while others just cannot? There is a lot of information missing from the weight loss/gain puzzle that is blanketed into "genetics" simply because we don't understand it ... yet.
If you know in your heart being in your ideal body should feel natural, should be as comfortable on the road there as it when you arrive, and you feel deeply that the body you're in just isn't your true self: this program is for you. 
I've struggled too, I'm not struggling anymore. Through ancient wisdom and modern science I have come to understand there are 6 variables that go into perfect body composition, 4 constituents that these 6 variables have to be applied to and 3 ruling factors that govern the entire process. Harmony of these 13 pieces is necessary and makes getting & staying to your absolute best self - your real self - effortless. I'll tell you all about this in the Introductory Workshop.